Kapteyn B

Available 5/28/19

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my squashed ideas of person foil
cooking oil padding
your mouse feet across the kitchen
I’m used to this sound and actually
its lullaby doubled over

the infestation is endearing and I’ve started to name
every single one violent
landscape is the plains told me
to do it
can you? see across the muddled sky
its a plan for jazz singing drum pear
and the nest in the drawer
is shredded what you don’t want these days
it can’t follow
scuzzy digital dirt is knocking
may fly dessert

how did you know
that fire and air create mess
turned artful
disguise that trading of kernel
in the stove top
the tail is caught?

by definition it is
different than
the pets you find in the store
as summer comes you crush
the thoughtful behemoth that is
trapping moth in wool

Kudler/Gerycz are Ben Kudler (Luminous All Kudler) and Jayson Gerycz (Cloud Nothings, Bending Spirit Unifactor tapes), respectively residing in Brooklyn, NY and Cleveland, OH.

Live Processed and modulated drums recorded at Jayson’s house.

Cassette Art by Walker Tate