Bach Tang
Born Too Alive

Available 12/15/19

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$9 ppd in USA
$16 ppd in Canada
$21 ppd rest of the world

Listen and Download Bach Tang - Born Too Alive here

Bach Tang was birthed out of a musty basement in the heat of a midwestern summer. Treading a wave of intuition, they flow in absurd patterns, distorted vocals and catchy, quick songs.

Bach Tang is the smell of your lover's armpit. Bach Tang is the feeling of sand in your pants after you make out on the beach in the moonlight. They are the panning that ricochets back and forth forever to drive you insane!

Bach Tang is the Smithers to your Burns. The Lenny to your Carl. The Barney to your Homer.

But all this very true, accurate, pertinent data is irrelevant to what’s really important. Like a thousand frogs spitting into a hot tube; dont you think there’s more going on? The deep truth is that Bach Tang wants ta boogie with you and they hope you do too...